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Here’s a couple tips to save us both some time and you a little money.

Shut off the water.Water

If it’s leaking water shut off the water, If you can’t find the shutoff then shut off the water to the whole house. Better to shut everything off than have water problems later on.

Check to make sure your appliance is plugged in.Power

If the appliance has no power*:

  • Check to make sure it’s plugged in
  • Make sure your house has power
  • Check to see if it’s on a GFI (a plug with a reset and test button between the outlets) sometimes if there is a power outage these need to be reset. Do not reset it more than once if the power has not cycled (turned off and on) in your house
  • Check the breaker, sometimes breakers trip, only reset it once. Some appliances have two breakers joined by a bar. (dryers, stoves, ovens, hot water heaters) Check both breakers sometimes only one of the two trip. Only reset it once. If it trips again call a technician.

*Now, if you don’t feel comfortable with electricity then just call us.

Keep your fridge or freezer closed.Fridge/Freezer

If your fridge or freezer quits working keep it shut unless you are putting ice in it or moving things to a new unit. They can keep things cold for hours with no power.

Lastly there is no better purchase than a little mechanical thermometer from the store. Put it in your fridge so you can see it. If it gets above 42 degrees call a technician

If you really squared away make an hourly log and post it to the door of the fridge and have someone log and initial it every hour or whenever they go into the fridge. Make sure to log all readings above 42 in red and notify the senior most member of the household.

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