Appliance Repair for

Commercial and Marine

We service commercial appliances and major home appliances on marine vessels.

Commercial Appliances

We do offer service to Commercial Appliances, but due to the vast difference in design of Commercial Appliances we do not stock commercial parts. We are also limited to parts availability and the availability of technical information. With that in mind, we also charge an initial diagnostics and research fee. This covers our time for troubleshooting and sourcing replacement parts. In some cases we maybe unable to provide a complete upfront quote for some repairs.

Marine Appliance Service

We love boats. How can you live in Southeast Alaska and not love boats, but we are limited in accessibility both to the appliance and the vessel. The vessel needs to be reasonably accessible to parking. We may need to get to the top, front, and/ or back of the appliance, so access is important. If in doubt, just call. Additional fees maybe charged for travel and parking.

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Our Mission

To provide you with fast, reliable, and courteous service when you need your appliance repaired.

Service is #1.

Same-Day Service

Most appliance problems can be repaired on the spot within the first hour. We carry a fully stocked truck.

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